From S&L Crisis to Pandemic Recovery:

Master Tax Analysis for Every Economic Climate

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Remove loan process bottlenecks…
for new and experienced lenders alike!

Is lack of lender confidence slowing down your loan approval process?

Lenders face the pain of slow loan approvals and missed opportunities due to inefficient tax return analysis, leading to a lack of confidence and increased regulatory scrutiny.

This frustration grows as inconsistencies in decision-making and gaps in staff training hinder performance.

The solution is Lenders Online Training, which empowers teams with fast, accurate analysis skills, enhancing loan quality and speed, ensuring compliance, and fostering collaboration between lending and credit departments, all adapted to the ever-changing economic landscape.

Introducing Lenders Online Training

Our online course, designed for lenders, is the key to unlocking loan approval success. It offers comprehensive training in tax return analysis, equipping participants with the skills to quickly identify good loan opportunities, enhance decision-making, and ensure regulatory compliance.

By streamlining the analysis process and improving communication between lending and credit teams, this course is the perfect solution to the challenges lenders face in today's dynamic economic environment.

Enroll 10 or more students to save $1,000 per student

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

We offer 4- or 8-week versions of our tax return analysis class. Lenders spend 4-6 hours a week in the 4 week version or 2-3 hours a week in the 8 week version. Classes start every other Monday with limited seating because our trainers do live case study review with all of our participants.

Comprehensive Modules

On demand modules get your whole team on the same page while fitting in to your existing workload. Each includes handouts and quizzes.

See 34 modules

34 On Demand Modules

Tax Return Analysis Class

Get Started in Analysis

Types of Entities

Cash vs Accrual

Debt, Debt Ratio and Debt Shortcuts


1040 and Business Basics 

Green Legos, 6 Ns, & a Map
1040 Intro And Method
1040 Schedule B Interest and Dividends
1040 Schedule C (1 of 2) Basics and Overview
1040 Schedule C (2 of 2) Detailed Review
1040 Schedule D and Form 4797 Capital Gains
1040 Schedule E Rentals
1040 Schedule F Farming

Advanced Business Returns 

1120 Corporations (1 of 3) Basics and Overview
1120 Corporations (2 of 3) Company Cashflow
1120 Corporations (3 of 3) Owner and Global Cashflow
1120S S Corporations (1 of 3) Basics and Overview
1120S S Corporations (2 of 3) Company Cashflow
1120S S Corporations (3 of 3) K-1/Owner Cashflow
1065 Partnerships (1 of 3) Basics and Overview
1065 Partnerships (2 of 3) Company Cashflow
1065 Partnerships (3 of 3) K-1/Owner Cashflow

Financial Statement Analysis Class

Statement Basics

Balance Sheet Basics

Income Statement Basics

Statement of Cashflows Basics


Actionable Insights 

Intro to Analysis

The Loan Proposal


Operating Cycle



The Write-Up

Other Analysis Topics (optional)

Intro to AgLending

CAMELS for Directors

Consulted Case Studies

We work in small groups with your lenders as they work through our case studies. A mid-term and final case study is required.

See 11 case studies

11 Consulted Case Studies

Tax Return Analysis Class

1040 Case Studies (One required)

Driller 1040- Your lender works through a simple case study, then 'calls' the borrower to get needed additional information.

Gitta Job 1040- Another basic case study with phone call notes at the end.

Flintstones 1040- A more complex 1040 case study.

Farmer 1040- This case study is for AgLenders.

Global Analysis: Pass-Through Case Studies (one required)

Urokay- Use AGI or SAM method based on what you use at your company. A 1040, 1065 and 1120S.

Duckman Farms-  A multi-year global analysis including a 1040, 1120 and 1120S. This one has an interesting twist.

1065 Bailey Drug Store- for all lenders working with 1065s.

Flintstones - A high income, high net worth complex case study including 1040, 1120S, 1065, rentals, capital gains as well as a low % owner of a separate entity with only a K-1.

Flintstones Part 1 - Without the aid of worksheets, we use what you learned in the modules to see what your lenders can do without the prop of the worksheets and software.

Flintstones Part 2- Dive deeper in to this complex case study with additional information from a phone call to the borrower. Complete the 3 year analysis.

Financial Statement Analysis Class

This class provides a basic to intermediate understanding of financial statement analysis, whether you obtain CPA-Prepared Statements or are using the tax returns as a substitute.

Furnish It Right- Complete this financial statements case study after you take the Statement Basics modules.

Garden Center- This financial analysis case study explores your ability to produce a write-up commentary that shows us the story behind the numbers.

Mammoth Manuals

Our Founder wrote the book(s) on tax return and financial statement analysis- and now your lenders will have these reference guides to use for their entire career.

See 3 manuals + 1 worksheet

3 Manuals and our Global Cashflow Analysis Worksheet
Each participant receives the manuals in both digital and hard-copy.

Tax Return Analysis

Essentials & 1040 Review Manual

Global Analysis of Business Tax Returns

C & S Corporations, Partnerships, and LLCs

Financial Statement Analysis

Understanding the Business Scorecard

Cashflow Analysis Worksheet

This Excel worksheet gives you line by line tips with space to customize based on your guidelines.

Lively Meetings

Each week, our trainers take you through high-level concepts ranging from their role in mitigating credit risk to the 6 Cs of credit to a live Jeopardy game.

See 9 live meetings

9 Weekly Live Meetings

Get Answers Fast

Six ways to get answers to tax return or financial statement questions. Which are our two favorites? How to speed up your search.

1040 Returns Jeopardy

Have fun while you compete with others to win the LEGO prize! Answer four questions in three categories: The six Ns of 1040 Cashflow analysis, Schedule C and Rentals.

Business Returns Jeopardy

Have fun while you learn. Distinguish between different legal entities, and why it matters. Pass-through entities and k-1s, do you know what to use? And why?

The Six Cs of Credit

What lender questions do they answer? Where are the clues in tax returns and financial statements. How can they help you make a good loan decision?

Tax Return Income Statements

Basic adjustments to get to cash flow. Red flags and how to resolve them. Indications the business owner is mitigating risk.

Credit Risk Readiness

Respond to some of the same survey questions from the great recession and the run up to the pandemic recession. Compare your answers to 100+ credit professionals across the United States.. Understand your role in credit risk readiness.

Tax Return Balance Sheets

Are they borrowing long-term to solve short-term problems? Are the working capital accounts getting out of whack? How are the owners paying themselves?

CPA Prepared Financial Statements

Prepared, compiled, reviewed and audited.
Which provide assurance, and how much?
Cost and time-frame impact of what you request.

Red Flags or Green Lights

Spot and resolve red flags in the returns. Don't fall prey to confirmation bias. When is a red flag really a green light?

Why Lenders Love Us

Jennifer Irizarry

VP Banking Officer, Citizens Business Bank

I liked the flow of the workshop. You took a typically boring subject and made it interesting and fun.

Frances Eisenman

Asst. Loan Dept. Mgr, Group Health CU

Excellent overview. Good tips for determining the general health of the business.

Rina Aponte

Operations Manager, Priority One Finance

I was able to educate a lender on a decline and reverse it to an approval already. The class really helped!


Our training is more than just webinars

Training on credit analysis is often a few recorded webinars and that's it. If you just need an overview, that might work. We go much deeper. In addition to our modules, live meetings, and case study reviews, our bonuses help you make more good loans.

Bonus 1
3 Physical Manuals
(Enterprise Only)

Our 3 manuals cover 1040s, Business Returns, and Financial Statements.

While most online training provides digital materials, we supplement our training with three hard-copy manuals. Over 500 pages, these manuals are a self-study and continuing resource that gets used.

Bonus 2
Priority Access To Trainers
(valued at $1,970/yr)

During your class, you'll enjoy weekly meetings live with our trainers where you can ask them anything.

After the class, enjoy our Ask The Experts bonus where your tax return analysis questions go to the top of our trainers' queue to answer each month.

We publish our answers via email and LinkedIn.

Bonus 3
Financial Statements Training (valued at $1,300)

Many of our clients are drawn to the Tax Return Analysis training. The additional Financial Statement Analysis course adds 11 modules and 2 case studies.

Whether you obtain financial statements for each borrower or use tax returns as a substitute, learning this approach will deepen your understanding of your borrower, lead to stronger borrower relationships and more opportunities.

Why Lenders Love Our Manuals

Andrea Martin

Senior Loan Officer, Cascade Bank

Excellent training-very good format. Excellent reference material to use later.

Brandon Howard

Credit Trainer, RBC Bank

Great training! The resources provided will be well-worn before too long!

Petr Rossiytsev

Credit Analyst, Pueblo Bank & Trust

The modules are easy to follow and the manuals are helpful in policy examinations!

Meet The Trainers

We combine over 70 years of lending and training experience to help your lenders say yes to more good loans.

Linda Keith, CPA

Chief Training Officer

Experienced in credit training for over 30 years, her background includes public accounting with an emphasis on small- to mid-sized businesses, real estate investing and work as an Examiner for the State of Washington.

David Stauffacher

Senior Credit Trainer

A Senior Advisor with America's network of Small Business Development Centers, his longstanding professional career includes leadership positions in banking, finance, marketing, and manufacturing.

Robert Monteforte

Senior Credit Trainer

With over a decade of experience optimizing loan workflows for community banks, he brings expertise in understanding cash flow and breaking down complex financial information so you can book quality loans faster.

Why Managers Love Us

Diane Miller

Manager of Training & Development, Greenstone Farm Credit

Linda has been working with Northwest Farm Credit Services with Ag tax returns for 20 years now and has a customized class that addresses their underwriting tool as well. I gave her a try in 2010 and she was a hit.

By teaming up with other area Farm Credits in the Midwest we continued to utilize Linda every year or two for new hires. Now that she also provides training online, we have another option for our new hire onboarding.

David Buman

SVP of AgFinance, Treynor State Bank

We'll be sending more people

I received very good feedback from my team. Our bank is in a growth mode of acquisitions, so we will be sending analysts to your training in years to come. Thanks for the great job.

Rob Farrington

Senior VP Commercial RE, American First CU

I just finished the audit with our federal and state regulators.

They asked how we are handling global analysis of tax returns and I broke out the manual I got from
Linda 14 years ago.

It still holds up today as bulletproof for letting the examiners know we know what we are doing.

I still reference the book after all these years and am confident the training she is doing for us today will help my team as well.

What You Get


Tax Return Analysis Modules with Certification

21 modules + Certificate upon completion of quizzes and case studies.

Each module is 15 to 30 minutes to easily fit in your full schedule.


Personal 1040 Tax Return Cash Flow Case Study

Access to 4 case studies based on the 1040. Includes choice of simple business owner or farm owner, capital gains and rentals.


Business Returns Global Cash Flow Case Study

Access to 5 business case studies including pass-through entities and complex borrowers. Both general business and farming.


9 weekly virtual interactive meetings

Live high-level topic meetings critical to credit analysis.

Three meetings are required to graduate.


Consulted walk-through of cash flow case studies

Live consult with our credit trainers as you work through case studies in small groups. No question is left unanswered.


Physical Copies of the Manuals (Enterprise Only)

Get all 3 of our manuals in your hands. Each manual is a self-study resource and includes detailed explanations, worksheets, and solutions.


Digital Copies of the Manuals

Search the PDF versions of the manuals to find exactly what you need, fast.


Ask The Experts Access

Send any tax return or financial statement analysis question to our team of experts, and we'll answer it.


Financial Statement Modules With Certification

This class helps you interpret CPA- or client-prepared statements as well as when you use tax returns as a substitute. 11 modules.


Financial Statement Analysis Case Studies

Demonstrate your ability to tell the story behind the numbers.

Includes 2 case studies.

What You Invest

Single Seats

1 to 9 people



  • 34 on-demand modules
  • Handouts & Quiz each Module
  • 4- or 8-week schedule
  • 2+ case studies with feedback
  • 9 LIVE virtual meetings
  • Access to the Experts
  • 400+ page PDF Manuals

10 or more students



Everything included in the Single Seat plus:
  • Private orientation call with our trainers
  • Get your whole team on the same page with your guidelines
  • Custom progress report to track progress
  • Enroll new team members directly
  • 3 physical manuals per participant
  • Priority "Ask The Experts" access
  • Priority new course requests
  • Priority support access

Why go Enterprise?

Broken cultures with multiple disparate loan workflows will stay that way...

...unless you get your whole team working from the same playbook.

Lenders want to do things the "Right Way". But how can they know what is the right way when you have new hires getting mixed messages from the old hands?

When you send your whole team through our Enterprise training you overcome:

  • Inconsistencies in application of guidelines and loan decision making by market hires (no matter how good they are at what they do).
  • Confusion of junior staff when working with different managers doing things in different ways.
  • Lack of confidence on the part of junior staff due to incomplete training.
  • Wasted time of your senior lending and credit staff training newer highers on the basics, instead of a more advanced understanding of your market, your guidelines and your risk appetite.
  • Approval committees having to consider who made the spreads when deciding whether to trust the results of the analysis.
  • Multiple and incompatible loan workflows due to growth through mergers and acquisitions.
  • Reduced confidence of your customers when lending staff come back to them repeatedly because they do not understand what the credit team needs.

Book A Call

Get help choosing between Single Seat and Enterprise with a Senior Credit Trainer below.

Prefer to call us? We're at (360) 866-1982 and would love to hear from you.

Request An Invoice

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If any participant does not show increased confidence and competence within three months of earning their certificate, tell us and we'll refund 100% of their enrollment fees. That simple.

Why Lenders Love The Course

Linda does a great job of keeping people motivated and interjecting personal stories right into the training.

She's got the goods!

Bill Beardsley

President, Michigan Business Connection CUSO

I enjoyed the fast-paced learning as well as the one-on-one time Linda spent with us, helping us out with individual calculations.

Very helpful in analyzing trouble spots of companies and where to find cashflow. Loved 'digging for dollars'!

Stephanie Vinson

Lending and Collections Trainer, CU of Denver

Good, funny stories that made it more interesting. The practice cases were helpful, thanks!

Brett Duvall

Loan Officer, First Bank

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours a week does the class take?

We recommend committing 4 to 6 hours a week for the 4-week course, and 2 to 3 hours a week for the 8-week course.

How long is the course?

Take our course in 4 weeks to get results faster, or 8 weeks to better fit our course into a busy workflow.

What if my lenders have questions the training doesn't cover?

Every week our trainers host a live meeting. Besides going through that week's theme and doing live case study consulting, we also answer any questions you have, live.

Is the course more for new hires or lateral hires or current staff?

Yes! Financial institutions use our training to get everyone on the same page, whether they are new to lending, coming from another firm, or are long time staff who just need a refresher. 

Should my senior lenders attend the course?

We love senior lenders attending the course. By attending live meetings and working through case studies with your junior lenders, your leaders will be in a great position to understand where your junior staff is strong and where they need help. And, senior staff can answer how to apply your guidelines in complex situations.

Even experienced staff tell us they have questions about global cashflows and pass-through entities. Perhaps they got their experience during flat interest rates when lending was easier.

Finally, on-the-job training is more effective when everyone is using the same approach.

I have more questions, who should I talk to?

Get on a call with a Senior Credit Trainer here and we'll answer all your questions.

Why we do what we do

Most good things begin with a dream and a loan.

Whether it's a house or a car, a boat or a business, or even a farm-

A person gets a good idea, and a lender helps make it happen.

We're here to help you keep on helping Americans make good things happen.

President, Lenders Online Training