Linda Keith CPA | Founder of Lenders Online Training

Linda Keith CPA

Linda draws on her 30+years of experience consulting with and training lending institutions, background in public accounting, 15+ years as CFO of the family residential construction company, experience as an Examiner with the Washington State Auditor's office and as adjunct faculty in Accounting Principles and Managerial Accounting to create this online training on credit analysis.

Of course you know those are not consecutive years, or she'd be over 100 by now!

Linda is known by her lending clients to be both practical and funny. In fact, there is a move afoot to change the 'P' in CPA to stand for 'Playful'. The fact is, people learn better when they are having a little bit of fun. So Linda brings the fun along with her practical knowledge and depth of understanding to provide credit analysis training that makes a difference.

Why choose Lenders Online Training?


Do you lend to businesses, farmers or complex borrowers? If so, our virtual training was designed with you in mind. Complex borrowers may be the wealthy, real estate developers or any type of business with multiple entities. And you may be a business, consumer or mortgage lender. We cover the bases in our modules and in some cases, provide specific modules by lending type. As an example, we have a 1040 Schedule F module for everyone and a separate one just for AgLenders.


In our virtual training, you can pick up the pace when the content is more basic for your knowledge and experience level. Get into a more difficult subject, though, and you can slow down. View the module, look something up in the resource manuals, send us a question, or check in with a more experienced lender. Unlike in-person training, you are in charge.


Our modules are available, 24/7, from any device. No need to travel to a central location to get the practical, hand-on, skill-building training you need.


Linda Keith CPA created the virtual training on the foundation of the in-person training she has delivered to financial institutions around the country for over 25 years. If you want to make good loans, understand your borrower, spot red flags, document and defend your loan recommendation or decision to everyone from loan committee to the regulators, our training is on target for your needs.


This training is for you if you are:

  • In your first few years of lending and need a good foundation
  • Beyond your first few years but did not receive solid foundational training on credit analysis
  • Shifting from one type of lending to another (eg. consumer to business)
  • Moving from an environment with more central underwriting support to one where you are expected to have more of these skills.


Our virtual tax return analysis is a four-week course, and delivers the same content and results as our two-day in-person training. Many participants prefer to spread the content out so they can absorb it better over time. If you have ever attended a training and felt like you were 'drinking out of a firehose', the longer time-frame is a great solution.


Individuals do well in our virtual training. For greater impact, we encourage teams of four or more, when possible. The team approach increases accountability, customization and retention. With four or more paid, we comp a team leader and provide a Team Leader and Manager's Guide so that person can augment the class with small group sessions to customize to your guidelines, type of lending and experience level.

What our clients say

I’ve learned how to better interpret the numbers I see on tax returns, beyond just putting a number on a form. I feel more confident asking borrowers questions to get a better picture. Linda takes a complex subject, brings it to life and makes it interesting.

Cindy Hatch

Assistant Manager, Loan Center
Unitus Community CU


I rated the virtual training a 10! The course was full of information that was very valuable, easy to follow and right on target for my needs. Thank you for this learning experience!

Tonya Christal

Loan Assistant, North Cascades Bank


Partial Client List

AgCountry Farm Credit Services | AgTexas Farm Credit Services | American Bank of Oklahoma | Ameris Bank | Ameristate Bank | Armstrong Bank | Atlantic Union Bank | AVANA Capital | Banc of California | Bank of Guam | Calcoe FCU | Carolina Bank | Cashmere Valley Bank | Centennial Bank | Central Bank | Charter Oak Federal Credit Union | City National Bank of New Jersey | Community First Bank | Dedham Savings | Detroit Development Fund | Directed Capital Resources | EH National Bank | Evergreen Federal Bank | Farm Credit Services of America | Farm Credit West | Farmers Insurance Group FCU | FCS Financial | Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond | First Capital Bank of Texas | First National Bank of Picayune | First Republic Bank | Freedom First CU | Fresno Madera Farm Credit | Golden State Farm Credit | Greenstone Farm Credit Services | Grow Financial FCU | Home State Bank | Kinecta Federal Credit Union | Kitsap Credit Union | Legacy Bank | Lone Star Ag Credit | Mainstreet Community Bank | Maps Credit Union | Mega Bank | Michigan Business Connection | MidCountry Bank | National Credit Union Administration | National Livestock Credit Corporation | Northwest Farm Credit Services | NW Preferred Federal Credit Union | OCCU | Olympia Federal Savings | Oregon Pacific Bank | Pioneer Bank | Queenstown Bank of Maryland | Rabobank | Redwood Credit Union | Relyance Bank, N.A. | Rock Canyon Bank | UMassFive College Federal Credit Union | Unitus Community Credit Union | USDA-Farm Service Agency | Wings Financial | Yosemite Farm Credit

Our client list of banks and credit unions who have sent people to our public programs or brought me in for in-house training goes back 35 years and includes 100's of financial institutions. Frankly, my company has outlasted some of them.

While my current focus is on our online training, here is a list of clients we served in-person in the last five years:

American AgCredit | Axos Bank | Banc of California | Bank of Internet | E Sun Bank | Farm Credit West | First Republic Bank | Investors Community Bank | Liberty Home Equity | Michigan Business Connection | Mountain America CU | Northwest Farm Credit | Safe CU | Yankee Farm Credit