Credit Trainer

Teaching live online courses covering tax return and financial statement analysis to lenders and analysts. 5 to 10 hours a week. Must be available Tuesdays 8:00 AM to 12 PM PT.

We aren’t looking for just anyone, but people who are comfortable enough with commercial/ag underwriting that they can teach it to a WIDE variety of institutions, guidelines, risk tolerances, experience levels, and practices the following:

Required and recommended experience

  • Must have credit analysis/underwriting experience: Ag, CRE, C&I, and/or high income/high NW recommended.
  • Must be comfortable in the presenter role: teaching/training experience preferred.
  • Must be able to combine the calculation and the understanding of the number side of credit memo/qualitative analysis behind cash flows. This leads to understanding, not rote learning. Why is as important as how.
  • Must be comfortable with or able to learn the nuances of training, develop the skills to be comfortable in a group, be able to train to a wide range of experience levels and knowledge, and be able to pivot with individual questions. 
  • Must be comfortable with uncertainty and willing to say they do not know but will follow up.
  • Must be comfortable presenting with Zoom, two monitor screens, and other technology tools.


Willing to learn

The ideal candidate will be willing to become a subject matter expert in all areas of analysis, from agri to commercial, to high income / high net worth individuals and anything in between in order to best serve our client base with its wide-ranging guidelines and practices.

Must be willing to expand knowledge base to include guidelines other than what you have used in your job experience as well as to other types of lending including agriculture, small- to midsize business, C&I, CRE and personal lending to complex individual borrowers including business owners and high net worth/high income individuals.

Must be open to shadowing and coaching on presentation techniques in live, virtual meetings.

Understand the value we bring

Lenders Online Training is a brand that values practical, often humorous interaction with our clients and learners. We recognize that the value we bring our clients and learners goes beyond what we ‘teach’ them. We enable them to advance their careers, make valuable contributions to their company and contribute to the success of their individual and business borrowers..

Through our efforts and theirs, we help to fuel the economic engine of the entire country. Nothing less than that.