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Credit Risk Ready for Recession.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has knocked the United States and world-wide economy into recession and, due to social distancing, disrupted the work environment and work flow of lenders and credit professionals throughout the country.

The challenges to the banking community are massive:

  • Assist borrowers to weather the recession by providing resources as well as, potentially, extended credit.
  • Assess credit worthiness as we work with borrower businesses that have been completely disrupted by shelter-in-place, supply chain failures and loss of customers.
  • Improve credit analysis skills of the less experienced lenders, analysts and underwriters who, in many cases, were in high school during the Great Recession and have started their careers in a flat interest rate environment.

Helping you help yourself

Are you laid off or have to improve your credit analysis skills when your financial institution is not covering your training? Are you a one-person loan broker and your company is paying for this training? Click here for Covid-19 Helping-You-Help-Yourself Training Assistance. Purchase now for a discount of $110 off the continuing clients rate and pay over six months.

Be my guest

  • K-1 video series (click to expand)

    Our 20 video series on K-1s covers them top to bottom.

    These are 2-3 minutes each and answer 10 frequently asked questions and 10 more that should be asked.

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  • Credit Risk Readiness Study (click to expand)

    Request your copy of the 2018 Credit Risk Readiness Study. While we did not know it would be a pandemic to bring on the next recession, senior credit and lending professionals across the country new it was coming.

    Click on this link to request your copy of this 28 page report outlining lessons learned, and not learned, from the last major credit disruption.

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  • 'Ask Linda' emails (click to expand)

    The ‘Ask Linda’ monthly email includes an answer to a question asked by a credit professional during the month, either by email or in our classes.

    I call this the 'drip method' of learning tax return analysis.

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  • Site-wide search (click to expand) is home of the 'Ask Linda' blog. I have over 100 answered questions. This is the most concentrated place on the world-wide web for tax return and credit analysis answers.

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  • Credit Risk Ready Podcast (click to expand)

    Helping you mitigate and manage risk from loan origination to portfolio management. Interviews with senior lending and credit professionals, regulators, and banking advisors.

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Virtual training for you or your team

With travel restrictions and at-home workers, you may be searching for online training alternatives that are robust, rigorous, and effective. We are not shifting to online training, we have been doing it for years.

Take a look at this site or download our PDF about the online training. Then contact us to talk about distance training for your lending and credit professionals. They can start next Monday.

This intro module describes the program and how it works. It uses the same 'player' as the modules in the training.

How-To ModuleView the Intro