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Modules and Case Studies

Students enjoy 34 modules + up to 11 case studies during class.

This demo includes 5 modules plus a case study.

Complete modules on your schedule and get a certificate when you pass the quiz.

Work on case studies before class and review your work live with our training team.

Comprehensive Manuals

Students get full access to all 3 digital manuals. Enterprise students also get the physical manual set.

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Tax Return Analysis: Essentials and 1040 Review

This 175+ page manual is used in our in-person and online training, by self-study students and as a reference guide for continued use. The manual is self-sufficient, and is loaded with hands-on exercises and detailed explanations. It includes camera-ready worksheets for your use.

  • Sample returns with solutions
  • Worksheets & procedures
  • Loan request checklist
  • Case studies with solutions

We teach you the basics and give you additional information if you have to dig deeper. In addition to cashflow, we cover other items in the return that are danger signals or would give a hint as to the health of the business.

Beyond the 1040: Corporation, Partnership & LLC Returns

Looking to build a stronger relationship with your business borrowers? You’ll understand the different legal entities, why the business owners chose theirs and what it does for their risk exposure.

In this 225+ page resource guide, there is a section on Corporations, Partnership/LLCs and S Corporations that includes:

  • Descriptions
  • Advantages/disadvantages
  • What form they file
  • Risk exposure of the owner/guarantor
  • Considerations for the lender
  • Comparison of taxable income to cash flow
  • Case studies for each entity-type

Financial Statement Analysis: The Business Scorecard

Geared to the basic-to-intermediate level, this is a hands-on manual with complete exercises demonstrating how to get to the story behind the numbers.

No one reads financial statements, they interpret or translate them. It’s like a foreign language. With this manual, you’ll improve your fluency in financial statements. This manual covers:

  • Cash versus accrual basis
  • CPA-prepared statements and what the CPA reports mean
  • Basics of Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Statements of Cash Flow
  • Ratio and percentage analysis
  • Trend and comparative analysis
  • Notes to the financial statements
  • Write-up tips

Using four sets of financials, from the very simple to a publicly traded company, learn by doing so you can answer these important questions:

  • How is the company really doing?
  • Should we lend them money?

Weekly Live Meetings

Every week we go live with our Senior Credit Trainers to explore another topic in credit analysis.

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We work through case studies together after the meeting is complete.

Meet The Trainers

We combine over 70 years of lending and training experience to help your lenders say yes to more good loans.

Linda Keith, CPA

Chief Training Officer

Experienced in credit training for over 30 years, her background includes public accounting with an emphasis on small- to mid-sized businesses, real estate investing and work as an Examiner for the State of Washington.

David Stauffacher

Senior Credit Trainer

A Senior Advisor with America's network of Small Business Development Centers, his longstanding professional career includes leadership positions in banking, finance, marketing, and manufacturing.

Robert Monteforte

Senior Credit Trainer

With over a decade of experience optimizing loan workflows for community banks, he brings expertise in understanding cash flow and breaking down complex financial information so you can book quality loans faster.

Why Managers Love Us

Rob Farrington

Senior VP Commercial RE, American First CU

I just finished the audit with our federal and state regulators.

They asked how we are handling global analysis of tax returns and I broke out the manual I got from
Linda 14 years ago.

It still holds up today as bulletproof for letting the examiners know we know what we are doing.

I still reference the book after all these years and am confident the training she is doing for us today will help my team as well.

Diane Miller

Manager of Training & Development, Greenstone Farm Credit

Linda has been working with Northwest Farm Credit Services with Ag tax returns for 20 years now and has a customized class that addresses their underwriting tool as well. I gave her a try in 2010 and she was a hit.

By teaming up with other area Farm Credits in the Midwest we continued to utilize Linda every year or two for new hires. Now that she also provides training online, we have another option for our new hire onboarding.

David Buman

SVP of AgFinance, Treynor State Bank

I received very good feedback from my team. Our bank is in a growth mode of acquisitions, so we will be sending analysts to your training in years to come. Thanks for the great job.

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