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LOT Individual





New and Current Clients:

  • 35 on-demand modules
  • Handouts and quiz each module
  • 4- or 8-week virtual class option
  • 2 case studies w/ feedback
  • 4 live virtual meetings
  • 400+ pg digital reference manuals
LOT Enterprise Standard





Current Clients only:

  • Purchase 15+ seats
  • Same features as for ‘Individuals’
  • Directly enroll your learners
  • Monitor their progress
  • Receive a manager guide
  • Consistent training for new hires
LOT Enterprise Custom





  • Customized training and quick reference guide
  • Designed for your type of lending and learner experience
  • Choose your worksheet/software or my training worksheet
  • Improve consistency across all experience levels
  • Fee based on number of learners and level of customization

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Lenders Online Training Flyer

Our printer-friendly Lenders Online Training flyer includes:

  • Training options including self-study and virtual classes
  • Keys to effective online learning with accountability
  • Module List and Webinar descriptions
  • Client testimonials and Linda's Bio

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