Lending to Farmers

AgLending is business lending, with a twist. Our online modules include AgLending examples throughout. And we created a Schedule F module just for AgLenders.

In the virtual class, AgLenders choose a comprehensive case study that uses farm tax returns covering two operations and the owner/guarantors. We include income sources and cyclical factors that are unique to farming.

Join other lending professionals who work in AgLending and learn from an instructor who understands it.

Case Study for AgLenders

Why learn from Lenders Online Training?

Our credit analysis training program was created by Linda Keith CPA.

  •  She has worked with thousands of lenders at hundreds of financial institutions for over 25 years.
  •  Clients include Farm Credit organizations, FarmerMac, USDA-FSA State Offices, and rural community banks.
  •  As a Certified Public Accountant, she has a practical understanding of the story behind the numbers.
  •  As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), she can actually explain what she understands.
  •  She was a commercial borrower for over 20 years with a residential construction business.
  •  She stayed with the same bank and knows how your bank can create 'sticky' customers.
  •  Linda worked in the family greenhouse operation, helped birth a lamb, and butchered chickens and sheep.
  •  She is a city girl smart enough to marry a country boy.

What Aglenders say

I rated the virtual training a 10! The course was full of information that was very valuable, easy to follow and right on target for my needs. Thank you for this learning experience!

Tonya Christal

Loan Assistant, North Cascades Bank


I liked the very easy to follow modules along with the ability to work at my own pace.

Wesley Dipprey

Credit Officer, AgTexas Farm Credit Services


I recommend this course to anyone who has been working in credit at least six months. I liked the ability to re-watch the sessions as many times as I wanted and was able to pause and take notes at my own pace. This led to better retention.

Jacob Bingham

Farm Credit West


Linda does a good job of teaching a very difficult and complicated subject, with many answers being ‘it depends’. Becoming familiar with each tax form is key. The course and your worksheets do just that. I liked the virtual training.

Nial Bradshaw

Commercial Loan Officer, Bank of Eastern Oregon


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