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Lenders Online Credit Training

Interpreting the 1040 Schedule B

The three types of interest you’ll find on a Schedule B
What you need to know about Note/Contract Receivable interest
When you can use K-1 pass-through interest
Where tax-exempt interest is reported

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Module length: 10 minutes. We estimate it will take double the time for note-taking and exercises.

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Covering Seven Types of Entities

    Advantages and disadvantages of each
    Forms filed and which of them have choices
    Risk exposure of owners and how that mitigates lender risk
    How owners get paid (you might be surprised)

    Go to Types of Entities Module

  • Get Started with 1040s

    Adjust 1040 Page One income items to cashflow
    Understand the difference between AGI, SAM and hybrid methods
    Make the switch easier when you change companies
    Know what to look for on 1040 Page Two

    Go to 1040 Intro and Methods Module

What lenders are saying

I’ve learned how to better interpret the numbers I see on tax returns, beyond just putting a number on a form. I feel more confident asking borrowers questions to get a better picture. Linda takes a complex subject, brings it to life and makes it interesting.
Cindy Hatch, Assistant Manager, Loan Center
Unitus Community CU
I will definitely recommend your training. I started with the self-study manuals. The modules were very detailed and provided assistance that makes self-study easier. I am glad that I have the manuals to continue my learning.
Dorothy Wenker, MidSouth Bank
The part I like about virtual rather than in person is with most of the modules you can work at your own pace. Some of the modules were very basic for those that have been lending for awhile so it was easy to move quickly through and then focus on the cases that were more difficult or had maybe been forgotten over the years.
Christy Perry, Commercial Banker
Bank of Eastern Oregon
Taking the Financial Statement modules has been a wonderful refresher for me. It’s great to work at my own pace since the course allows you to stop, review, and go back over items you may not have understood the first time around. A very helpful feature!
Linda Wiley, Pacific Western Bank
The module lengths are good; any longer and I might get discouraged. Some are very easy for me, some not (they make me pay attention). I prefer it to live training. My schedule is tight and I can manage this better. Well done!
Hank Hamilton, Armstrong Bank
The presentation flowed extremely well. It was very informative but not boring. Short, to the point and sweet.
Yasmine Ramcharan, Venture West Funding
Linda’s courses are easy to understand. Through her unique presentation, she captures the essence of credit analysis and makes it come to life with meaning and comprehension.
Stephen Bryant, First National Bank of Tennessee