Join a ‘Virtual’ Class

Take advantage of our virtual classes. Interaction is built right in. We encourage questions whenever they arise. During weekly meetings, you use annotation tools to identify key issues in actual tax returns and discuss your choices. You work in teams to complete required case studies with input from our senior trainers and immediate feedback.

A new class starts every week. Download the printer-friendly Lenders Online Training flyer to share with colleagues or give to your manager.

At your pace

You have weeks to absorb the information compared to just days in face-to-face training. Learn, practice, discuss and then learn again.


Self-Study modules

View a module whenever you have 45 minutes. If you get sidetracked, the module pauses and waits for your return.

Weekly meetings

Each includes a lesson not in the modules. Then we break into teams to work on case studies.

Case studies

In weekly meeting, teams of 3 complete the case studies. Linda helps as needed, and reviews your team solution on the spot.

Congratulations on your success.


You earn the class certificate by passing the quiz on all required modules, participating in meetings and completing the case studies.

Self-Study manuals

Reference Manuals

Download the comprehensive 150+ page manuals, your go-to reference after you complete the class.


  •  Have you shifted type of lending and what was sufficient is no longer good enough?
  • In this lending environment, do you need to explain your thinking and document your decisions better?
  • Are you in your first three years using tax returns as a tool to make good loan decisions?
  • If not, was your training solely on-the-job or focused on software instead of understanding?
  • Are you comfortable for the most part, but have a few gaps in important areas like k-1s, multiple pass-through entities and the like?

Kevin Talty sent a team of lenders and planned to scan a few of the modules, just to keep on top of what they were learning. He ended up taking them all. Listen to what he has to say about the accountability the virtual class brings to the training.

For many, virtual training with scheduling convenience, no travel and the control of your pace and style of learning is better than in person, as long as support and accountability is built in. With our class, it is.

The virtual classes start every Monday.

For those enrolled in the comprehensive Lenders Online Training, you can choose the four-week or eight-week schedule, whichever best fits your schedule. No additional fees apply.


I’ve learned how to better interpret the numbers I see on tax returns, beyond just putting a number on a form. I feel more confident asking borrowers questions to get a better picture. Linda takes a complex subject, brings it to life and makes it interesting.

Cindy Hatch

Assistant Manager, Loan Center
Unitus Community CU


I rated the virtual training a 10! The course was full of information that was very valuable, easy to follow and right on target for my needs. Thank you for this learning experience!

Tonya Christal

Loan Assistant, North Cascades Bank


I recommend this course to anyone who has been working in credit at least six months. I liked the ability to re-watch the sessions as many times as I wanted and was able to pause and take notes at my own pace. This led to better retention.

Jacob Bingham

Farm Credit West


The knowledge gained from the course I use on a daily basis. And I learned a lot that is directly relevant.

Irina Petcu

Portfolio Manager, Michigan Business Connection


I will recommend the course {for teams} because it will keep our approach to Global Cash Flow consistent.

Donald Volkman

Chief Credit Officer, MegaBank


Linda does a good job of teaching a very difficult and complicated subject, with many answers being ‘it depends’. Becoming familiar with each tax form is key. The course and your worksheets do just that. I liked the virtual training.

Nial Bradshaw

Commercial Loan Officer, Bank of Eastern Oregon



You can be in the next class!

Join the like-minded lending professionals who are saying 'yes' to more good loans.


Our self-study option is perfect if you do not prefer the structure of a virtual class, want to pick and choose the modules you take and have access to the reference manuals. Check it out here.